On a toujours dit qu'il est tres difficile de realiser quelque chose de bon. Avec la cooperation assuree de tres bons partenaires, l'horizon devient tres proche. Tout est a la portee quand le respect est mutuel.


Mega Star


It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.


Our community is the greater Chicago but we are citizens of the world and as such we are reaching to all our brothers and sisters no matter where they would be to bring them a slice of Chicago, Haitian style.

Find out what drives us to do what we do.

Mission + Vision




Learn more about current and planned programs.


our history

Juillet 2001 – We start broadcasting the SuperStar Show on WCGO in Chicago.


March 2007 – After a hiatus from the air, the community has asked that the show comes back and upon restarting, our listeners suggest that since we have become better to brand the show "MegaStar"... [Men Show A].


November 2014 – With WCGO moving to a different horizon, it's time for the show to move to better things. With that comes "MegaStarInter.com". the new portal for everything MEGA.