We aim to service the diaspora starting with our home town of Chicago. As the Haitian community finds itself parsed throughout this hemisphere, it becomes a duty to bring them to common points of interest, culture and diversity. The global initiative, envisioned by some well-intentioned children of the mother land can only succeed if we get behind the common goal to help and structure our nation, it being here or across the waters in Europe, the Caribbean, South America, Canada, and wherever there would be a citizen of this beautiful country of ours.


Not to stop in our quest of change and restructure. Not to allow pettiness to get in our way. To work for a greater good. To keep on achieving every milestone towards the ultimate goal. To return to a newer generation all that have been bestowed to us by our elders. To be, one day, able to reflect on our struggles and realize that all our efforts have come to fruition, an heritage that can be passed down.


Our elderly needs to know that the land they left carries the same principles that they have grown to know. Our current generation needs to find themselves in a platform that they can be proud of.

Our future generation needs to look up and see in their parents the pride that it is still left in them being Haitian and they need to have the capability to explore their culture.

We will comfort our elders by showing them that our generation is worthy of carrying the torch of our great nation while assuring that the younger generation is not lost in a culture clash.

Being Haitian is not just draping in  the flag in some particular event or holidays, it is living and sharing the great vision of our motto. We are a nation of greats, a nation of firsts, resilient and proud.